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24.May 2010 Together with Angel we vist the dogshow in Lingen. She won the open class and we are really proud of our girl. After the show we visit Markus aunt and Angel meet the first time Lennox. They have so much fun together. Have a look at the pictures!
10.10.2010 CACIB Hannover 2010 It was second great date for Angel! She wants all and she did it ;O) Excellent 1. VDH-CAC, CAC, CACIB Best female
10.10.2010 CACIB Rostock 2010 it was not only a great date to marry. It was also a great date for Angel! It was time to rock the showring ;O) Excellent 1. VDH-CAC, CAC, CACIB Best female Rostock Siegerin 2010
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30.May 2010 New pictures of Angel in her gallery!
NEWS 2009
23.12.2010 We wish you all Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year
07. June 2010 CACIB Neum√ľnster Shiva Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock wins the Open Class excellent 1 with the certification German Ch. VDH
04.May 2010 The crazy gang makes action! Angel together with her beloved friend Dieter. Friends forever!!!
15. January 2010 This year we have also a great winter with many snow! Angel and Luna love it to play the whole day outside.
20.March 2010 Happy Birthday!!!! Today our beloved girl Ch. Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandora`s Box becomes 10. years ;o) You are the greatest girl in the world I love you!
14.March 2010 We have change our breedingplans! We expect a litter in summer 2010. So stay tuned! For more informations you can contact us by email or phone.
04. July 2010 Shiva Moon`s Brilliance in the Sky had down her temperamenttest with excellent results. The examiner say that it is a long time here, that he test a dog with such a great temperament We are really proud of our little girl.
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