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21.05.08 Today I have become great pictures of Shiva Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock and her family. Thanks for the great pictures we see us soon!
We wish our friends all over the world all the best for 2008!
04. August 2008
01. Januar 2008
11. Januar 2008
New pictures of Armstrong Call me Satchmo and his proud owner. We are also very proud of this young boy. More pictures of his site.
15.-16.11.2008 "Mein Tier" in Oldenburg On both days Shiva Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock were on the home animal fair in oldenburg. She had have many fun there. She shows the visitors that the Amstaff is an fantastic breed. Lovely to kids and other animals.

Luna und Angel enjoy the Autumn!
08. June 2008
Autumn Gallery
We plan a litter! More info`s are coming soon!
For our good friends Wiebcke and Dieter (Damon Heart of the blue Dragon f. Pandora`s Box) was this weekend also really great. On Saturday they became the 2.Place and the res.Certification German Youth Champion DCBT and Sunday they became 3.Place. This was Wiebcke`s first time in the showring and we can only say "Go Wiebcke and Dieter"
Friends forever
Bred by us
National Show Cloppenburg Shiva Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock gets on her first show the 2. place and the Res.Certification German Youth Champion VDH. We are very proud of our little girl and on this way many thanks to Sandra and Sven that they make this all possible.
06-07.09.2008 CAC and Clubshow DCBT This was Angel`s second show and she was really great! On saturday Angel became the 3. place in the youth class.
Picture gallery
01. December 2008
New pictures of Spanky and Luna`s daughters! Shiva Moon`s Autumn Moonlight Ishani Shi va Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock
And on Sunday Angel became the 2. place and the res. Certification German Youth Champion DCBT We are really proud of her !!!!!
Ch. Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandora`s Box
01.11.2008 CACIB Hannover Angel became in the youth class the 3 place! Picture is follow
15.10.2008 Happy Birthday Angel Armstrong and Ishani!
18.10.2008 Bundessiegershow Dortmund Angel became in the youth class an excellent 3 place! We are proud of her that she is doing so nice in the showring.
03.11.2008 Our test results are here. Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandora`s Box and Shiva Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock are both normal homozygous. It means that both are clear from Ataxie (NCL-A) !
02. December 2008
We are proud to present you the first Warner Amstaff Video Regie: Kai Rzodeczko Leading actor: Amstaff Dieter and Sicco Rzodeczko Thank you Kai for this great Video. There you can see how happy Amstaffs and Kids are together.
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