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A child couldn't judge our breed,a child can only see the friend on four legs!!!
Angel with her proud owner`s !
Liese & Lenny
This pictures sends Alexander to us. There you can see the love between our breed and kids. Super many thanks for these pics and we hope for new pictures.
Mia and Armstrong!
Lenny and Angel!
Leslie, Jette and Sunny in Croatia Nice to see how many fun they have together!
Jette und Sunny machen Siesta!
Kids and Amstaffs the best team in the world! I can see luna's eyes when her friends child comes to visit us, it is the best things in her world. What else is more interesting than her little friends. They do a lot funny things and mischief together. Neverless, you can see the love between Luna and the girls and how happy they are together.
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