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The beginning of Kennel "Shiva Moon" Dogs are for me the greatest of the world! I with Sindelar`s Spoonful I grew up with dogs, but my own story starts on 1996 as I have decided to realize my dreams. The trigger was buddy a beautiful brindle American Staffordshire Terrier male with white markings. I felt in love to this dog, he was always funny and has sought the contact to people. After this friendship with Buddy it was for me clear next dog in my life will be an American Staffordshire Terrier. I started to study this breed, buying all the books and magazines that I could find. I contacted breeders to search for an amstaff likes Buddy `s typ. 2000 was my year and the story start on! I won`t forget this day then he changed my life perfectly. My good friends and I visited the kennel f.Pandora`s Box, my girlfriend knew the breeder since some years and so she invited me to come with her to looking at the puppies. The breeder was very friendly, we were welcome. The breeder talkes us a lot of the parents from this litter. I was fascinated from Luna`s father. Tippitt`s Yankee Sunny a strong and compact male with an absolute great head! Luna`s mother was also with great typ and a very friendly temperament. She was proud with her puppies. Then I thought that I dreamed a little bit. A red and white female came to me and played with my shoes. She broke my heart in five minutes and Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandora`s Box (6. weeks old) this was the beginning of a true love! Three weeks later i brought her into my home Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandoras`s Box and i named her Luna! It was the best decision what I have doing in my life. She is not only my dog she is my friend and partner in good and bad moments. Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandora`s Box (7. Years old) On this way I thanks a lot Biggi (Luna`s breeder). She has give me the Chance to be the owner of such a great dog! Over the years, my love to this breed grew up, and I decided to build my own kennel "Shiva Moon" and breed American Staffordshire Terrier My kennel is registered by the FCI! My goal to the future it`s to breed Amstaffs with great temperament, in standard size and soudness. For me the amstaff are one wonderful breed. They embodys everything what i expect from a dog Audacious Majestic Sageness True Friend Athletic Fabulous Character Full of Spirits Multi CH. Tippitt`s Yankee Sunny I hope I could share with my website the true love on this breed. Remember, an Amstaff is a fantastic dog and great partner in all life situations. Now I wish you a lot of fun in my website and convince yourself that the Amstaff is not a savage dog. He is a true friend your whole life!
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