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Ch. Fraja EC Winning Ticket
Ch. Yankee Tipit z Hanky
Ch.Sindelar`s Gentleman Jim
Ch.Tippitt`s Yankee Sunny
Ch.Sindelar`s Touch O Class Orion
Ch. RU Jumpin Joe
Camelot`s Just a Dreaming
Pedigree: Shiva Moon`s Angel`s Mystic Moonrock
Ch. Camelot`s Brindle Britches
Hedges Diamond in the Ruff
Sindelar`s Spoonfull to Angies German Youth Champion Clubyouthwinner
Ch. Perfectly Demonic Molly
Ch.Sindelar`s Sonny Boy of Tara
Fraja`s Thunder Battery
Ch.Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt Ch. Sindelar`s Heide Ho
Ch.Roadhouse`s Fozzy Belvedere Miss Natty Mae Bumpo
Dave`s Maximum Diamond CD Ch.Sindelar`s Hedges Heide Ho
Ch. Sindelar`s El Frado
Ch. Bearfoots Sophies Choice
Tugowar`s Sandi
Touch O Class QED
Ch. Angel`s Cosmic Luna from Pandora`s Box Internationaler Ch. German Champion VDH German Champion Club Bundeswinner Res. Worldwinner Res. Centaurywinner BH/Companiondog
Ch. Tippitt`s Yankee Sunny
Ch. Big Bubbles Emily
Ch. Sindelar`s Buster Benson
Ch.Baberycoast Kindred Spirit
Camelot`s The Lone Ranger
Big Bubble`s Blanca
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